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Als Konig Abi-Esuh Gerechte Ordnung Hergestellt Hat

Last week, my friend, Jad, who is studying Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Toronto, contacted me, asking if I could translate something from German for him. This wasn’t exactly a surprising turn, since materials on the ancient Near East and Classical world are fairly evenly split between French, English, and German, and while he speaks English just fine and his French is good enough to slog his way through what he needs to, his German is completely nonexistent. (Lest you think I’m insulting him, he’s also native bilingual in Arabic, can read Syriac, and is as good as me in Latin and Imperial Aramaic, and his French is awesome considering the late start he got on it.) My response was that I could do it, but it’d be pretty slow because of my relative inexperience in German. Still, it was only six pages long, so I got crackin’ and, although it took longer than it should have because I kept second-guessing myself, I got it back to him in time for his presentation on the material, and I think I did a fairly good job on it. Good enough, in fact, that I feel like publishing my translation here. The original article is entitled “Als König Abi-ešuh Gerechte Ordnung Hergestellt Hat” Eine Bemerkenswerte Altbabylonische Prozessurkunde by Michael Jursa, published in the Revue d’Assyriologie et d’Archéologie Orientale volume 91 issue 2 © 1997 Presses Universitaires de France, translated and reprinted for reference and educational purposes, used without permission.

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