I’m an amateur everything, so god only knows what’ll end up here. If I ever have time, that is. Between actual projects, you’ll probably be treated to random translations (especially from French and various dead languages), linguistic anomalies, and historical tidbits.

I also have a new banner! If you speak Greek or Hebrew, I’m sorry to say that might not help you as much as you might think. The banner is actually in Classical Greek and Imperial Aramaic. (To be fair, I don’t speak modern Greek, and my Hebrew sucks.) The Greek is pronounced “glôssai thnêsomenai tekhnai te psukhêiai,” (yes it is, this is Classical Greek, not Modern Greek) and translates roughly as “Dead languages and living works.” The Aramaic is pronounced “lisshanî dhî môthîn wkithvîn chayyin,” and translates approximately as “Dead languages and living writings.”

If you have any questions or want to hire me for any freelance writing or translation work (French, German, or classical Greek), please contact me at methermeneus@gmail.com. Please go to the next page to view my resumé, or go to https://whollycrapproductions.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/resume3.pdf for a letter-size PDF version.


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