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I have a friend who is always interested in learning, but is by coincidence largely uninformed in the areas which most interest me. We often have conversations in which either I will mention something interesting I have learned or she will mention something cool she heard about computers, physics, linguistics, or history, and the rest of the conversation will be an attempt by myself to explain the background and sincere attempts on her part to understand, often punctuated by questions that make me want to bang my head in frustation at how outlandish they sound to me. (This, incidentally, is why she is probably the best person to talk about these things with; she forces me to look at things from a different perspective.) It often seems like I am starting over from scratch, but I’m sure that she feels the same way when explaining budgeting, education, and other of her interests to me. One question that comes up far more often from her to me than vice versa, however, is “Why?”

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