These posts tend to be about literature. Sometimes it means I write literature, sometimes it means I translate literature, and sometimes it means I comment on literature. Sometimes it means one of those things, but it’s not the sort of writing you might call “literature;” well, too bad, I like it!


  • De la Terre à la Lune: Post 0

    • An introductory post for my translation of Jules Verne’s De la terre à la lune, which I haven’t been working on very dilligently, but which is not abandoned, I tell you!
  • Story Idea

    • A quick story idea, not much longer than these summaries.
  • Biblical Humor and Housman

    • An amusing anecdote concerning the dangers of not paying attention when translating Greek, followed by a transcription and commentary on a funny faux-Greek play excerpt written by the late, great Alfred E. Housman.
  • Orthography Is Not Speech

    • A rant about how amateur fiction writers seem not to have even a passing acquaintance with proper grammar and mechanics, along with some of the rules they ought to be following. But I keep reading it anyway.

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