Anything goes, generally informal. This is a catch-all category for reviews, recipes, general goings-on, and what have you.


  • I Am Atheism

    • The path that brought me to atheism, and how and why I came out to my friends and family. Also, my coming out as an atheist on this blog, something that might surprise people who see my Bible translations and commentary on religion. I avoided doing so in case I ever came up with an idea that might let me use this as the springboard to popularity, but the truth is, I’d rather be truthful, even if I ever do manage to make it “big” as an Internet celebrity. Cross-posted to Articles and Editorials due to the serious nature of the piece.
  • Why I Actually Like a Miley Cyrus Song

  • Subtitling

    • My adventures in subtitling as a background for why I find it annoying that I can’t find a version of Once Upon a Time in Mexico with subtitles over just the Spanish parts.
  • The Simple Things

    • How sometimes simple food is the best, whether it’s simple in preparation or in tradition/ubiquitousness.
  • DnD Epicness

    • A bit about some awesome things that have happened in D&D games, although it looks like it&rsqup;s probably a boring read for anyone who wasn’t there.
  • Calf Liver

    • My experience attempting to cook decent calf liver. Conclusion: It’s possible, but nothing special, and definitely not worth the trouble.
  • Rocky

    • A highly-condensed review of the entire Rocky series written after going on a Rocky bender.
  • Porno Holocaust Review

    • A review of the infamously bad porn/exploitation film, Porno Holocaust. I actually kinda liked it.
  • Rules

    • My rules, à la Gibbs from NCIS. Gibbs’ are the best rules, of course, but I don’t think mine are all that bad.
  • I Got Nothin’

    • A placeholder post when I realized my posting frequency was low. This is an issue I have since come to terms with.
  • Chiffon Carrot Cake

    • What could be better than a carrot cake? Why, a chiffon carrot cake! Something I made when I was bored and sick and didn’t have the ingredients on hand for a real carrot cake. It’s not often that I cook something I can actually write down a recipe for, so I figured I might as well share when I did.
  • Hello World!

    • My first post. I… didn’t have much to say.
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